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©2018 by Environmental Energy Media. Proudly created with

provides public and professional education with regard to a Global Sustainable Energy Future

with a focus on space based technologies enabling clean and sustainable energy for civilization on Earth and in Space.

EEM propagates information on energy and space economics for both US domestic and international public policy to drive space economic development  goals presented by the United Nations using a multi-media spectrum of resources including:

1)    Web-based information

2)    Video production and Social Media Distribution

3)     Feature Documentaries 

4)    TV production

5)    Public presentations at schools, colleges, professional conferences and workshops.

6)    Collaboration with Public, Academic and Non-profit organizations

sharing advocacy goals for sustainable economic development

enabled by

    space technologies and resources.

7)    Print and Publications

8)    Promote the inclusion of space economics and energy development as  

    Sustainable Development Goals within the United Nations SDG framework.

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