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Six Degrees with Clive Robertson

Six Degrees with Clive Robertson

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Despite great temporal distances between historical events, they are often connected in unusual ways. "Six Degrees" takes the audience on a journey to explore these surprising connections and discover history’s hidden truths. 


"Six Degrees" is a one hour show hosted in the field by actor and Oxford grad Clive Robertson. Each segment opens with Clive on location hooking the audience with a teaser question such as, "Did you know there’s a connection between nutmeg and the founding of one of the great American cities?" 


Clive follows the story to locations around the world, hands on, with computer graphics and dramatic reenactments, taking us on a singular and engaging journey of discovery, exploring the relationships between previously unknown and seemingly unrelated events. Each segment ends with the startling revelation of how these events are connected and how they impact our lives today. 


More than just a show for lovers of history, "Six Degrees" will appeal to lovers of all factual programming by interweaving science, art and technology into stories that 

will both engage and empower the viewer. 




Clive Robertson created the role of Alan Turing in the West End in London and is the star of "Wicked Wicked Games" opposite Tatum O’Neal, "Starhunter" and Aaron Spelling’s "Sunset Beach" and has a following in over 120 countries worldwide. 




Chip Proser is an Emmy award winning writer, producer and director. He wrote Innerspace", "Iceman" and "Top Gun" and created and produced the series "Secrets of War" which ran for 65 episodes on the History Channel. 



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