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​​​​In 1881 Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a classic pirate adventure for young people; Treasure Island. It was about the great age of sail, of exploration and discovery in the New World. The distances made law enforcement difficult. Pirates preyed on merchants carrying riches from foreign shores.


​A second great age of sail is on the event horizon.  Scientists and visionaries believe we must colonize the solar system.  We are able to colonize near space, just as we may reach the climate tipping point, making this planet less inhabitable and capable of supporting fewer humans. Yet we act as if going to space is a silly hobby and the mania of a few.​ We will go to space and find a new age of adventure...


So, now... Treasure of the Oort Cloud.


A young boy, living with his widowed mother on SpaceColony, falls in with adventurers to battle pirates over a fabled treasure in the mysterious asteroid zone...

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